Campagna fotografica advertising per gioielli Marco Baroni


Campagna fotografica advertising per gioielli Marco Baroni

Marco Baroni è un noto maestro orafo dello storico quartiere San Niccolò a Firenze, tutti i suoi prodotti sono pezzi unici realizzati a mano nel suo atelier.

Ispirandoci alle forme dei gioielli realizzati da Marco Baroni, abbiamo progettato una campagna fotografica utilizzando elementi vegetali, dai toni scuri e dai forti tagli di luce.

Le 14 fotografie sono state utilizzate per realizzare una brochure per la presentazione dei nuovi prodotti della “Classic collection” e “Ferro & Oro collection

Ogni fotografia è stata progettata per esaltare i colori delle pietre preziose, dell’oro e del ferro, ispirandosi ai materiali dei gioielli.

La progettazione fotografica e l’impaginato grafico della brochure sono state realizzati dallo studio fotografico Lorenzo Michelini.

Progettazione campagna e riprese fotografiche: Lorenzo Michelini.

Post produzione: Paolo Gaudio.



Marco Baroni jewels, photographic campaign advertising, Lorenzo Michelini Fotografo gioielli Firenze

Marco Baroni jewels, photographic campaign advertising, Lorenzo Michelini Fotografo gioielli Firenze




A cross between sacred and profane, between ancient and modern, mounted on the time chain.

18 kt gold and iron bracelet, with iron elements modeled and chiseled by hand connected with gold chain links.



Charm, ability to arouse a lively or even irresistible attraction.

18 kt yellow gold ring, vintage style, hand-chiselled; the stones, a peridot of 4,37 kt.



The king of the serpents, to the power to heal, to poison, symbol of renewal and rebirth

18 kt gold and iron ring, with coat of arms and snakes modeled and hand-chiselled.



I do not trust anyone who spends half the time pretending to button the cuff button.

I prefer to use Cufflinks. Cufflinks in iron, with 18 kt gold setting, Australian mother of pearl button and cabochon aquamarine.



Always resist, ancient and proven by time support the roof of the world.

18 kt gold and iron ring, with 12 kt amethyst, inspired by the Corinthian style, with Acanthus leaves, modeled and hand chiselled



Athena dedicated the plant of the olive tree for the citizens of Athens, since the plant henched out of the rock hit by its lance, would have been nourishment for the people, medicine for the sick and source of light for illumination.

18 kt gold and iron ring, with olive leaves modeled and hand chiselled.



Like a heart that gives life to the ring, emanating passion and warmth.

18 kt white gold ring, with 18 kt rose gold edges, hand pierced with 2,25 kt ruby set on an 18 kt rose gold between two diamonds.



The perfection of the bow, the purity of a brilliant, the sensuality of a woman.

18 kt white and yellow gold bracelet, hand-chiselled; the stones, 6 diamonds of 0,73 kt.



Elegance is not an ornament, but an ornament can add elegance.

Headband in 18 kt white and yellow gold, pierced and engraved by hand, with 1,10 kt sapphire.



The flower is illuminated with its leaves like the sun and the other stars.

18 kt white and yellow gold ring, pierced by hand; The stones: the central one, a 0,82 kt diamond and the other smaller ones of 0,20 kt.




As lights fall in the evening the diamonds emerge from the geometric labyrinth that surrounds them.

18 kt white gold ring, pierced by hand and edged with 18 kt yellow gold contours; the stones, 36 diamonds of 1,05 kt.




Campagna fotografica advertising per gioielli Marco Baroni

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